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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Chubby Chick, Farm Fresh Poultry. 

A garage might not seem like the logical place to start raising chickens, but that's where Fourie's got its start in 1955. Today Fourie's Chubby Chick is one of the largest poultry farms in South Africa, supplying large chains like Woolworths and OBC with the freshest, chubbiest chickens for over 50 years!

John Fourie, who took over from his father in 1969, is still at the helm of this Potchefstroom based, family-owned business, along with his sons Johnathan and Deon. This third generation is still as passionate about quality and freshness as their grandfather was 60 years ago. They ensure that their chickens are only fed a vegetarian diet of grains and pulses.

Our Chubby Chick outlets offer convenient access to fresh and frozen chicken, fish, red meat, processed meats and essential grocery items to a growing market, both wholesale and retail, providing quality, affordability and convenience.